Programs and Services

Gilroy Compassion Center programs:

  • Day Center -- Eligibility: anyone who is  homeless
    • Drop in center with basic needs including food, clothing, bathrooms, personal hygiene supplies
    • Weekly shower and laundry van
    • Manna bags
    • Weekly medical van
    • Women's support group
    • Case Management

  • Almost Home Camping Program
    • Safe and legal campsites with showers
    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Case management

  • Project Homeless Connect
    • Biannual event
    • Multiple service providers from around the county
    • Hot meal
    • Clothing distribution
    • Haircuts

  • Saturday Suppers
    • Weekly potluck on Saturday afternoons, 3 p.m.

  • Winter shelter support
    • Case management
    • Day services

  • Nontraditional housing
    • Morgan Hill Safe Parking Pilot project
    • Compassion Village - Tiny Home community proposal

Day Center

Project Homeless Connect

Almost Home

Saturday Suppers

Winter Family Shelter


  1. Me and my mom have been homeless since december 2015, we have a section 8 housing voucher but we need help with deposit can your program help us?

    1. We may be able to help. If you haven't spoken to Dee yet, please visit the center during operating hours.

  2. I'm having a baby next month if not sooner. I have a job and can afford some rent. Every where I go there is a waiting list. I was raped so I don't wanna rent a room where there is a man living there. Where can I go where there is no waiting list

    1. Have you called House of Grace?

      Program Information & Application
      Phone: (408) 885-8080

  3. My fiance,my 2 kids and i have been homeless for 3 weeks. I work full time and can afford rent,but dont have money for deposit and first months rent. We have been staying in motels and car,i don't want my kids living like that so they sleep at my moms house temporarily until i can get my own place. Do you know where there is no waiting list,and where i can get help with the 1st month rent and deposit?

  4. Hi, my husband and I just got an apartment at Gilroy Park Apartments. We have a 9 month old baby boy.. Right now we need help with next months rent... Do you guys help with that? St Josephs referred me to you guys. Thank you

  5. Hello,I would like to know if you're service helps out with deposit?

    1. Come to the center and discuss your needs with a case manager. We can provide help with a deposit in some circumstances.

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